What We Believe

We believe that a child’s curiosity and imagination can spark wonderful ideas or stories that should be captured and shared!


10 Ways Parents and Teachers Use Tell About This with Kids

  1. Let children explore the prompts and tell a story about something they find interesting!
  2. Use a photo of something exciting from a child’s life and have them record a Tell About to capture their reaction.
  3. Retell a story using a picture from the book as a custom prompt.
  4. Oral formative assessment for any learning topic! Teacher creates a prompt and students tell about what they learned.
  5. Celebrate student projects by taking a photo and having kids explain their work. Email or post for parents to listen!
  6. Brainstorm a writing piece for early writers.. capture their ideas to play back at any time.
  7. Recap an exciting family or classroom event with a photo and oral summary created by kids!
  8. Display a prompt for a group of children and let them think about it, talk about it, and create drawings before recording their responses using individual profiles.
  9. Kickstart and record verbal language practice using fun prompts that get kids talking!
  10. Celebrate kid-drawn artwork by creating a Tell About where they explain the story behind it!